Burnishing Compound 470.997

Burnishing Compound

PolyChem MF610 metal finishing and burnishing compound is mildly acidic for high speed burnishing, tumbling, and applications using magnetic needles.
SKU 470.997
Lubricating additives produce a lustrous finish to copper, aluminum, zinc, nickel, silver and alloys. Inhibits rust on steel shot. One gallon.

How to Use

Mix well and heat the solution to the operating temperature of 130-150F and process cleaning. Higher temperatures up to 180F (82C) may be used to speed up the cleaning of steel or stainless steel. Polychem MF 610 is a mildly acidic cleaner. Direct contact may cause irritation and itching of the eyes and skin. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Wash thoroughly after handling. Do not take internally.
Composition : surfactants, inhibitors and acids Form : Clear liquid, Green Odor : Bland/mild Specific Gravity : 1.042 Foaming tendency : Medium-high Diluent : Water Use concentration : Normally used at 1 - 10 % by volume Use temperature : 70 - 180F pH 5% solution : 5.0
Cannot be shipped by air.

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